The REAL FASTENERS, one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial fasteners for the Construction, Wind, Tunnelling, Rail, Oil & Gas and OEM markets.

Heavy Engineering Industries.

Providing consistent high performance required in load-bearing, structural applications.

Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers.

Used to secure the track plates to the track chains on crawler equipment such as bulldozers.

Indian Railways.

Focuses on manufacturing railway fastenings, fixings, railway materials.

Locomotive Manufacturers.

Locomotive Stage 8 has been providing gear case locking systems.

Petro-Chemical Industries.

Manufacturing special fasteners for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

Fertilizers Plants.

We developed some Fasteners components which are use for Fertilizer plants

Power Generation units, Nuclear, Hydro, or thermal.

Fasteners are resistant to high temperatures, high pressure and corrosion.

Ship Building Industries.

Fasteners which were cadmium plated, resistant to corrosion.

Steel Plants.

Reduce friction between the nut and the bolt, or the mating parts

Civil Construction Industries.

Structural steelwork and concrete – including bridges, gantries and masts.

Mining Industries.

Fasteners for their bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and large mining trucks.

Elevators Manufacturers.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of fasteners that is known for its finest quality.

Oil Exploration Project.

Wide variety of fasteners used in all aspects of the oil and gas business.

Defence Organizations.

Solution for any fastener’s application for field of industries like for defence organization.

Pre Engineered Buildings and other application.

Fasteners for pre engineered building structre.